Cantera Volcanic specializes in designing of hand carved natural stone fireplaces frames. Cantera Volcanic has been assisting interior designers, builders and residential owners with their natural stone projects, by providing them the following stones varying in different colors.
• Cantera: volcanic stone, different colors, Interior and Exterior projects, exterior fireplaces or fire pits.
• Limestone: Conchuela Shell Stone, Tikul, White Mint, Durango Beige, Riviera Maya. This is the perfect material for inside fireplaces frames and stone projects. Its smooth texture and elegance is usually the best choice for the architectural features of interior designs.
• Cantera Volcanic offers a variety of hand carved mantels to choose from. Furthermore, we can make custom mantels to your unique project. Send us a description of the custom mantels you are looking for, rough design, sketches or even a photograph, and we will work with you to turn your dream into a reality.