Cantera Volcanic Llc.

Direct supplier of Lava Stone and Volcanic stone

Over the last 10 years, we have built a business based on trust and reliability. We supply Lava stone,  Volcanic

stone, Coral stone and other natural stone materials with a variety of exotic and exclusive colors to contractors,

architects, home owners and designers. We deliver orders for projects in a timely and efficient manner to meet

our customer’s demands no matter how complex the architectural project. In addition, we can tailor to the needs

of the architects and designers in providing made-to-order dimensions, cut-to-size, and customized accessories.

Providing ultimate customer satisfaction is a pillar of our business trademark.


Cantera stone and Volcanic stone (igneous rock) was once used by ancient Mayan civilizations in the Central

American and Mexican regions. This material was used to erect monuments, roads and temples thousands of years

ago. Sacred Mesoamerican cities and pyramids were constructed with this very type of stone by the Mayan or

Aztecs of Mexico. Cantera stone and Volcanic stone was also used by the Spanish settlers and conquistadors

building colonial homes, churches and haciendas. This majestic monuments and architectural projects that have

inspired modern architects still stand today.

Customers frequent questions

Question : Does the Cantera Volcanic stone fade thru the time?

Answer : No, Cantera Volcanic stone never fades.

Question : Is the Cantera Volcanic stone a non-slip material?

Answer : Yes, Cantera Volcanic stone has a natural non-slip surface that works even if it’s wet, helping to prevent

accidents around the transient areas.

Question : Does the Cantera Volcanic stone come in different colors?

Answer : Yes, there is a beautiful diversity of Cantera Volcanic stone natural colors to choose from.

Question : Question: Does the Cantera Volcanic stone come in just a standard sizes and thicknesses?

Answer : Answer: No, besides our standard size and thicknesses we do cut-to-size to any kind of project.

Question : Is Cantera Volcanic stone a durable material?

Answer : Yes, due to the stones abrasive nature Cantera Volcanic stone is extremely durable.

Cantera Volcanic stone is the best choice in exterior flooring. Why…?

1. The Cantera Volcanic stone’s maintenance is simple and inexpensive. Its large silica content reduces

mildew and the growth of other fungus in its pores alleviating bleach and pressure cleaning over time.

2. The rugged texture allows for a non-slip surface preventing accidents around the area.